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Sports is in our DNA. Launched by Gurukirpa Lifestyle Company, one of the largest Indian manufacturer and exporter of sportswear. OFFLIMITS is proud to have the capability and production ability to manufacture International standards and technologically advanced sportswear at value for money price points which enhances the wearers performance beyond limits.

Products specifically designed for Indian weather conditions and lifestyles are manufactured in India with the latest technologies such as Advance Memory foam (for better blood circulation, superior cushioning, bounce and resilience), Athlite® (Superlight soles to bolster movement), Flexinit®  (breathable knit), Glovefit®  (for ultimate comfort), and Wiktech® (Evaporates moisture faster).

With a wide product gears of shoes and apparels like Track suits, hoodies, Sweat shirts, sweatpants and Tees for Running, Gym & Training, Basketball, yoga and other various athletic and lifestyle activities.

Presently we produce around 2 million apparels and 1 million pairs of shoes of International standard quality and are widely available at a value for money price point all across the country including all leading multibranded stores, Online websites including our OFFLIMITS website and our exclusive branded stores at Zirakpur, Ambala. Our products are also exported to US, Europe, Australia and UAE.



OFF LIMITS Tribe - When you push the boundaries of what is considered achievable, we will be with you. It is our single endeavor to give you the courage to dream the impossible, and the strength to achieve the impossible.

We will be by your side to help you face the toughest tests of nature, time and destiny. As a company of passionate professionals and a collection of curated products, we do not recognize the limits of the mind or society. We do not want to listen to anything that stops us from helping create the best out there, to take on the worst out there. We are committed to cheer your adrenaline levels. We are devoted to help you answer the call of your spirit. And we are sworn to power your conviction, against all odds, against all limits, against all expectations. As you start climbing the winding mountain roads, you will have us by your side against everything gravity throws at you. When you challenge the track to conquer ever longer distances, you will have us pushing every cell in your body to keep going. And then, when you have a whole nation urging you for glory, you will have us bringing you the loudest applause. Because sometimes, conviction, discipline and hard work aren’t enough. You need something more. You need the support and the declaration of your biggest admirer, and your strongest enthusiast. You need to know someone’s out there urging you on. Someone dauntless. Someone fearless. With just your performance in mind. All you have to bring to this party is your will and your passion. We will be there with you. We will be there for you.

We are OFFLIMITS. Much like you, we are a differently wired company, dedicated to those willing to go across, beyond, and defy every limit.



The idea for OFFLIMITS sparked at Siri Fort Sports Complex. The Fitness Academy there is full of young athletes. This was where we witnessed the underbelly of fitness training in India. We would watch these young athletes, and they would be training barefoot or in PVC products. They told us that good high-performance shoes are too expensive, so they train barefoot or in PVC shoes and save expensive performance products for race day. There is a ton of potential in the affordable, high performance fitness gear space. Thus, OFFLIMITS came about.

The brand was created to provide excellent sports gear – both footwear and apparel to athletes and fitness enthusiasts who cannot afford expensive brands and yet train with their hearts out. Fitness gear that adapts to who you are – your training, your drive and your goals. Our belief, our ideology, is that every individual can achieve the impossible – the space beyond limits conceived by the mind. The individual can defy all these limits – since they exist merely in the mind. As a brand, we take pride in motivating people to achieve beyond what they think is possible.

OFFLIMITS logo idea The essence of our logo, called The Untold captures the brand ethos. The left arrow signifies the gear we provide athletes to excel. The right arrow signifies the motivation, passion, and belief that mold the outlook of the individual. When both go north in tandem, the potential becomes limitless. It becomes infinite. It defies all limits. Becomes Off limits.

The two arrows going upwards denotes mantra of progressing in life & making the race of struggles interesting. The left arrow indicates the proper gear, instruments, tools and opportunities which aid us to push ahead. The right arrow indicated the correct strength, emotion & expression that we carry forward. The trajectory of both the arrows should be simultaneous, to create the right momentum of reaching where we want to. The journey of self the road to discovery – LIFE. And when we start this trip upwards, we know no bounds, no restrictions, no rules. We go OFFLIMITS.

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