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How Difficult is it to take care of your gym t-shirts for men?

Less stress and better sleep are the advantages that you experience when you give your all in the workout. But you should also prepare to bring a set of sweaty, unkempt training clothes home that needs considerable care. This is particularly true if you wear exercise gear made of high-performance materials like synthetics that drain away moisture and require special washing instructions. And, your gym t-shirts are one of them. 

gym t-shirts for men

Gym t-shirts for men demand extra care and following the simple steps mentioned below will help in keeping your gym wear clean and smelling fresh. Here, are some recommendations for keeping your gym t-shirts spotless.

How to wash your gym t-shirts?

  1. No more sweaty t-shirts in a backpack

Keeping your workout clothes in your backpack for a long time can cause mould growth, and foul odors and lead to nasty odors. Therefore, when you return from your workout, hang up your workout clothes until they are dry or ready to run a load of laundry.

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  1. Washing your gym clothes separately is important

It's really important to wash your gym clothes and regular clothes separately. If you are thinking that washing cotton and gym t-shirts together will not cause any difference, you are wrong! This is because the lint from cotton will stick to your workout clothes. Besides cotton, you need to keep denim away from t-shirts or anything with buttons or zippers separately. This can lead to more abrasion, and damage to delicate fabrics. 

  1. Turn your gym t-shirts inside out

Before dumping your gym t-shirt in the washing machine, turn your t-shirt inside out. This practice will clean your t-shirt properly. And, along with that, it will maximize your washing machine's effectiveness, since odor-causing bacteria will build up the most on the inside of your clothes.

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  1. Usage of the right amount of detergent is necessary

Just because your workout clothes are dirty and smelling bad, doesn't mean you will end up emptying your detergent container. This won't get your clothes any cleaner. Instead, it will cause soap to build up in the fibers of your clothing which will end up attracting new odor-causing bacteria. To prevent this problem, use a little less detergent powder or liquid compared to normal clothes. 

  1. Say no to fabric softener and dryer sheets

Another practice that you need to stop doing while washing gym t-shirts is using fabric softener. Usage of fabric softener will leave a residue on your workout clothes. Henceforth, it will make it more difficult for water as well as a detergent to get your clothes clean.

In case you are thinking to use dryer sheets, you need to hold your horses! Dryer sheets are capable of clogging up the fabric, making them more difficult for laundry detergent to penetrate. So, to keep your gym t-shirts or any workout outfit soft against your skin, prefer using dryer balls. Dryer balls even prevent wrinkles.

  1. Wash only in cold water

Wash your gym t-shirts in cold water and opt for the gentle cycle. This will keep your workout clothes effective and in shape for a longer period. Moreover, to extend the life of your synthetic t-shirts, use the lowest heat setting on your dryer. Once done with washing, it's time to dry them! Tumble dry process can damage the fabric, cause shrinkage and create more static and can even weaken the power of elastic.

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Searching for a suitable gym t-shirt for men? Look, no further, since Offlimits got the best collection of workout t-shirts for men. Some of our favourites are listed below:

Men's Sporty Print T-Shirt


  • Crafted from breathable & soft polyester fabric.
  • Powered with wicking technology-Wicktech to keeps you dry and cool.
  • Smart tee with a sporty print.
  • Ideal for gym, exercise, walking, running etc.
  • Can be paired with jeans and sneakers.

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Men Raglan Half Sleeves Tee


  • Features stylish raglan half sleeves.
  • Powered with wicking technology-Wicktech to keeps you dry and cool.
  • Ideal for gym, exercise, walking, running etc.
  • Can be paired with jeans and sneakers.
  • Regular fit for extra ease.

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Mens Pol Uptown Tee


  • Moisture-wicking technology- WICKTECH to keep t-shirts sweat-free.
  • Regular fit for all-day comfort
  • Ideal For Gym Exercise, Walking, Stretching, Dance, Workout & Cardio
  • Can be teamed with jeans and cargo pants.

 Half Sleeves Tee

Men Cotton Spandex Half Sleeves Tee


  • Wicktech technology keeps moisture away
  • Stretchable and breathable
  • Crafted from cotton-spandex fabric
  • Perfect for exercise, walking, stretching, dancing, etc.

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