Since athletes need lighter, thinner soles that conform to the ground and don’t weigh them down, we have developed our own Athlite technology. Athlite technology soles are the lightest soles in the world. They conform to the ground and ensure easy movement of the feet. Born of technical innovation and infused with premium cushioning, these shoes are engineered with shock-absorprtion technology to mimic the movement of your foot. These versatile shoes that flow with your natural stride are guaranteed to provide the perfect fit and support while you endeavour to break past all barriers.

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Flexiknit technology in the knitted uppers ensure the shoe hugs your foot to give you a purely natural sensation and yet, deliver enhanced performance. Its ultimate form-fitting quality makes the Flexiknit upper snug & seamless. Flexiknit uppers expand and contract with the shape of your foot to provide an uninhibited feel. Go forth feeling lightweight and unconstrained, and destroy all your boundaries.

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Glovefit technology in the upper, developed with Lycra for extra stretch and flexibility provides unrivalled fit and comfort. The elastic, foot-hugging lycra upper adapts to the shape of your foot for snug, lightweight support.

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Infused with advanced memory foam in the insole, our Snuggy 6.0 technology retains its cushioning to provide you the ultimate comfort. Crafted for day long comfort – be it behind a desk or when you’re out and about, Snuggy 6.0 keeps your feet feeling light and comfortable.  Welcome to the era of the young man’s walking shoe.

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Ezee Fit tech is our revolutionary technology where in we use a special blend of lycra and knitting in our uppers. This engineered upper is extremely flexible. It moulds itself with the movement of your foot to provide unencumbered movement and unlimited comfort.

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Recomat is an insole technology that is designed to ricochet back into shape. The shoe’s natural expansion provides a natural and breathable fit, while its magnanimous cushioning power creates a delightful ride. No matter what your workout – jump, run, lift and kick away to glory in a shoe that feels like a yoga mat.

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Developed with reflexive cushioning that mimics the movement of your foot and the flow of your stride, the Ultrahop insole is designed to support, cushion and adapt to any spontaneous movement. Go forth unconstrained with shoes that provide definitive comfort.

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Our pro running collection is designed with soles that cushion your feet from the blow while you pound the floor. Our uppers are designed to hug your feet and bend with the natural movement of the foot while you run. These shoes are durable and lightweight. They are designed for the specific biomechanics of a runner to maximise comfort and minimise injury.

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